20090320   One Family, One Vision

  One Family, One Vision
Globe Union insists on providing a good working and living environment for our employees where they can enjoy both their work and personal lives.Our Associates world-wide, work together as one family, to achieve the highest level of success and social significance.

Globe Union Style:
Care for Customers, Stakeholders & Society
Insist upon Quality, Innovation & Working Diligently

Based on Care:
1.Care for Customers-
We care for our customers by understanding their needs and by delivering the highest level of quality, design, production,
value and after-sales service.
2.Care for Stakeholders-
We care for our stakeholders who are the company's most important resource, and support an environment that allows them to develop their potential while contributing to company growth.
3.Care for Society-
We care for society and the environment through the implementation of socially-responsible business practices. As we benefit from society, we must give back to society.